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Carson-Newman University offers distinctly Christian academic excellence. We provide a transformational learning experience that will help you achieve your career goals at a cost that you can afford. 

Carson-Newman ranks as one of the most affordable Christian universities in the nation, which means that you can gain a transformational learning experience for less. And if you are seeking a way to make your education even more affordable, our enrollment coaches will work with you to explore your options.


Steps to pursuing your educational path with Carson-Newman…

1. Choose an affordable Christian university that has a high social mobility ranking and is known for academic excellence.

a. Christian higher education not only helps you achieve your career goals, but it can help you thrive with a life of purpose and mission for Christ’s kingdom. A Christian university will not only teach you a vocation, but it will also show you how your vocation fits into the purpose God has for you! A Biblical worldview is worth it!

b. Find a university that offers a low tuition rate from the outset. Financial aid is great, but what if you do not qualify for it, or if it is only for a certain number of hours? The Carson-Newman University College of Professional Studies offers a low tuition rate while providing academic excellence, great financial aid…AND a high social mobility ranking.

  • $380 / credit hour for undergraduate degrees
  • $528 / credit hour for master’s degrees (on average)
  • No undergraduate or graduate application fee

Carson-Newman offers one of the lowest and most affordable tuition rates in the country. We keep our tuition low because our mission is to help you reach your full potential and achieve your educational & career goals.

2. Discover ways to lower your costs.

a. Transferring previously earned college credit. If you have any existing college credit, transferring it is a way to save time & money. We accept up to 84 credits toward your bachelor’s and between 6-12 credits toward your graduate degree. Talk with one of our enrollment coaches today, and we’ll start the process of obtaining your transcripts and accepting your credits.

b. Using your military benefits. You can receive transfer credit for up to 40 hours of your military training. Whatever remaining tuition you have can be covered your military educational benefits: A win-win.

c. Seeking federal and state grants by completing the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Filling out the FAFSA is free, and it’s an easy way to see what state & federal aid you can receive, which can substantially reduce your expenses. To fill out your FAFSA, click here- C-N’s School Code is: 003481

d. Using employer tuition assistance. Your employer may have this benefit, which can help pay for some or all of your degree. Ask in your HR department about this. They can help you or point you to the right people who can help.

3. Develop a plan with us.

Our Enrollment Coaches work directly with you to develop a customized plan for your unique financial needs that will make sense for you and help you accomplish your goals. Talk with one of our enrollment coaches today to see how much you can save and how far you can go.

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College of Professional Studies Tuition

Our mission is to help students reach their full potential by equipping them for meaningful careers and thriving lives One way we do that is to make your education as affordable as possible while not sacrificing academic excellence and providing high social mobility outcomes. Our affordable tuition and fees may vary by program, location, and student status.

Undergraduate ProgramsPer Credit Hr.Tech Fee (PCH)
Business Administration$380$55
Professional Studies$380$55
Computer Science$380$55
Graduate ProgramsPer Credit Hr.Tech Fee (PCH)
Master of Education (MEd)$450$55
Master of Business Administration (MBA)$505$55
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)$650$55
Doctoral ProgramsPer Credit Hr.Tech Fee (PCH)
Education Specialist (EdS)$580$55
Doctor of Education (EdD)$580$55
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)$850$55

Exceptional Christian Education at a Lower Cost!

The College of Professional Studies’ mission is to help students reach their full potential by equipping them for meaningful careers and thriving lives. As a nonprofit Christian university, our commitment to your success means we do everything we can to keep costs low and to find ways to reduce your overall tuition costs. Joining C-N on the path to reaching your educational & career goals will be a decision you will not regret.


Programs that advance your career and life goals

Carson-Newman is ranked #9 among Private Universities in the Southeast for social mobility

Financial Aid Process

So, you want to take the next step and explore your possibilities at Carson-Newman? That is great news! The steps below can help guide you in finding out just how affordable C-N can be for you. 

Step 1 – Fill out a FAFSA form. To do that, click here- Carson-Newman’s School Code is 003481.

Step 2 – Talk to our great Financial Aid staff ( or visit our financial aid page on our website. To go there now, click here- 

There may be additional actions to take along the way, but following these simple steps will get you in contact with those who can walk with you on the journey. 

financial resources

Carson-Newman University College of Professional Studies is committed to making your educational journey as affordable as possible. Check out some of the resources we have for you to make that a reality. 

  • Did you know you may qualify for Federal Aid? You may qualify for anything from Pell Grants to federal loans. The first step in finding out what federal aid you may qualify for is by filling out the FAFSA. To find out what federal aid you can qualify for, click here to start filling out your FAFSA- 
  • The State of Tennessee also has aid allocated for students pursuing their educational dreams. To find out what state aid you may qualify for, click here- 
  • There are several special circumstances that may arise in the financial aid process that may be confusing or make you feel unsure about how to proceed. Here are some forms and information if you are chosen for verification or if you want to access our financial aid handbook. To access these resources, click here- 
  • If you have other questions about the financial aid process, our enrollment coaches stand ready to help you in every way they can. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at 

No Out-of-State Tuition

As a nonprofit, private, Christian university, there is no such thing as out-of-state tuition. Pay the same tuition anywhere you are in the world!

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